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Sex in the White House

I am a purveyor of multi-faceted political satire.

New Podcast Guest Appearances

There are new items on the "Podcast Appearances" page if you're so inclined to listen. Specifically, a two-part episode of Krish Mohan's Taboo Table Talk podcast where I pontificate on the Clintons and Richard Nixon where my pug Henrietta snuffles away in the background, and a new episode of Tomefoolery where I discuss Atlas Shrugged. Spoiler alert: I do not care for the book.

Camping and Bees

Here's a recent snippet of what I've been working on lately.

Memphis Comedy Festival!

Here's my set from the Memphis Comedy Festival earlier this year. I'm aware I need to lose weight.

Fourstar Stand Ups!

Here I am on the TV show Fourstar Stand Ups, to be shown in college dormitories across this fine land in the fall.

Public Service Announcements

Sometimes I'm just trying to provide a public service.