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Indianapolis Fringe Festival Aug 13-23!

Folks, I'm pretty excited to announce my new show at the Indianapolis Fringe Festival, "Ghost Story." 

Showtimes are:

  • Aug 14, 9pm
  • Aug 15, 10:30pm
  • Aug 16, 4:30pm
  • Aug 18, 7:30pm
  • Aug 19, 6pm
  • Aug 22, 3pm

Tickets can be found at, or call 317-478-7848 or 317-625-7702. I hope you can come.







Memphis Comedy Festival!

Here's my set from the Memphis Comedy Festival earlier this year. I'm aware I need to lose weight.

Fourstar Stand Ups!

Here I am on the TV show Fourstar Stand Ups, to be shown in college dormitories across this fine land in the fall.

Interview with moi.

The very charming Kris McDermott interviewed me for her ongoing series, called, "Hey, Can I Bother You....?" My long-winded responses are here.

Public Service Announcements

Sometimes I'm just trying to provide a public service.