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Tomefoolery 5-Year Anniversary Show!

This live episode of Tomefoolery to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the show contains two books with different guests on each book. Stephanie Hasz and I tackle "Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More" by David Icke in the first half.

On Tomefoolery Again

I was on the 100th episode of Tomefoolery with my good friend Bill Bullock, talking about David Duke's autobiography. Yes, that David Duke. We have a lot to say.

Yet Another Podcast Appearance

The Skewer is a political satire comedy show where performers read "live op-eds" on recent news-related subjects, capped off with a debate. I was on the latest one, debunking the myth of the neglected rural voter.

New Podcast Appearance

We Still Like You is a storytelling show where participants tell awful stories about things they've done for an audience that reassures them that they're still worthy of affection. (It's not true, but it's nice of them to say regardless.) I'm on this episode. This is an absolutely terrific podcast. You can check out other podcast appearances, other than my own, on the  Other Podcast Appearances page from the top menu right above this.

Sex in the White House

I am a purveyor of multi-faceted political satire.

New Podcast Guest Appearances

There are new items on the "Podcast Appearances" page if you're so inclined to listen. Specifically, a two-part episode of Krish Mohan's Taboo Table Talk podcast where I pontificate on the Clintons and Richard Nixon where my pug Henrietta snuffles away in the background, and a new episode of Tomefoolery where I discuss Atlas Shrugged. Spoiler alert: I do not care for the book.

Camping and Bees

Here's a recent snippet of what I've been working on lately.

Memphis Comedy Festival!

Here's my set from the Memphis Comedy Festival earlier this year. I'm aware I need to lose weight.

Fourstar Stand Ups!

Here I am on the TV show Fourstar Stand Ups, to be shown in college dormitories across this fine land in the fall.

Public Service Announcements

Sometimes I'm just trying to provide a public service.